How to Convert ASP Files to PDF Files

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You can convert files on your computer.

ASP, or Active Service Page, is a web page that uses JavaScript or other server scripts. This page is often viewed on Internet websites but if you have an ASP file saved on your computer, most other programs are unable to read and understand the file. Due to this, you may decide to convert the file into the widely used PDF (portable data format) file.


Step 1

Open your Internet browser and navigate to the download page. Download and install the software on your computer. Launch the program then click "Add File." Choose the ASP file you want to convert then click the "Parameters" tab and select an output location, setting PDF as the output format. Click "Convert" and the ASP file converts to the PDF format.


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Step 2

Download and install PDF Duo.Net. Launch the software then click-and-drag the ASP file into the middle of the program. Once in place, set an output location on your hard drive and click "Convert." The ASP file now converts to the PDF format.

Step 3

Open your Internet browser and navigate to the website. With this site you may convert your ASP files to PDF without an actual download. Click "Web2PDF" then click "Convert Document to PDF." Click "Browse" then select the ASP file you want to convert. Type in your email address and select "Convert." The converted PDF file is emailed to your address. Log on to your email account and open the message from PDFOnline. Select the attached file and the PDF downloads to your computer.




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