How to Change My Number on MetroPCS

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Change your phone number to cut down on unwanted calls.

MetroPCS offers two options to change your cell phone number and stop unwanted phone calls. There is a small fee for the change. One way is to visit a MetroPCS store and let the dealer know you wish to change your number. The dealer will take care of all aspects of the change for you, including setting up your phone with the new number. You can also change the number yourself with a short phone call to the customer service automated voice response system.


Step 1

Call customer service at 888-8Metro8. The automated voice response system will greet you.

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Step 2

Follow the prompts. When asked what you would like to do, state "change my number."


Step 3

Listen to the automated system. The automated system provides you with information and instructions as well as your new number. Once done, the phone will be automatically programmed. You need to go through this process to prepare the phone for the new number. A message will display on the phone once the programming is complete and the phone will power off and back on.



Step 4

Provide any security information requested by the live agent if transferred. The agent will assist you with completing the number change. Typically only high-security accounts will be transferred to a live agent for a number change.



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