How to Change the Batteries on a Logitech Wireless Mouse

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Your mouse's performance stutters and eventually fails when battery power runs low.
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Wireless mice can make for a less cluttered work area, but unlike traditional mice, they usually require replaceable batteries. With Logitech offering many battery-driven wireless mice, no one set of directions will work for every model. That said, many Logitech offerings feature similar battery bays, so instructions remain mostly identical across different models. Logitech also offers additional software, SetPoint, to further customize your mouse's functionality (see Resources).


Battery Bay Location

Most wireless Logitech mice feature battery bays on the bottom of the mouse. To access them, slide or pull the bay away from the rest of the mouse. Some models, like the Wireless Mouse M525, do not house the batteries in the bottom of the mouse. This model has a release button on the bottom that loosens a battery cover on the back half of the mouse's upper side.


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Expected Battery Life

Logitech offers different expected battery life projections for different mice. While Logitech projects seven months for the Anywhere Mouse MX, the company suggests the Wireless Mouse M525 could last three years. Prolong your mouse's battery life by turning the mouse off when not in use.



Find Your Model

Visit Logitech's support site (see Resources) to look for model-specific instructions if you're still having trouble replacing your mouse's batteries.



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