How to Change A Wireless Mouse Battery

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Wireless mouse and laptop

The wireless mouse is a great piece of peripheral hardware that enhances the ease of clicking for dragging and dropping, copying and pasting--even scrolling A mouse with a wire will most likely always be charged, whereas a wireless mouse is battery operated; therefore, the battery will need to be changed on occasion. It's a simple process if you have the tools you need.


Step 1

Exposed batteries of a wireless mouse

Flip your mouse over and remove the battery cover. Gently pull it up and set it down in a safe place.


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Step 2

Carefully remove each battery.


Step 3

Insert the new AA batteries into the mouse. Make sure the positive and negative connectors are lined up correctly. Do not force or jam your batteries into place.

Step 4

Place the battery cover over the opening and click it into place. Flip your mouse over. If your particular mouse has a charged or not-charged display light, make sure it is showing full strength.


It will be very difficult to use your mouse without its battery cover, so do not lose it.


Do not dispose of batteries in your home garbage can. Batteries are toxic for the environment. Go to the Environmental Health and Safety Online web page to find a battery recycling or drop-off center near you. You can search by ZIP code.