How to Change A Wireless Mouse Battery

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Wireless mouse and laptop

The wireless mouse is a great piece of peripheral hardware that enhances the ease of clicking for dragging and dropping, copying and pasting--even scrolling A mouse with a wire will most likely always be charged, whereas a wireless mouse is battery operated; therefore, the battery will need to be changed on occasion. It's a simple process if you have the tools you need.


Step 1

Exposed batteries of a wireless mouse

Flip your mouse over and remove the battery cover. Gently pull it up and set it down in a safe place.


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Step 2

Carefully remove each battery.



Step 3

Insert the new AA batteries into the mouse. Make sure the positive and negative connectors are lined up correctly. Do not force or jam your batteries into place.

Step 4

Place the battery cover over the opening and click it into place. Flip your mouse over. If your particular mouse has a charged or not-charged display light, make sure it is showing full strength.



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