How to Change the Color of a Toolbar

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Change the Color of a Toolbar

When you've finally got your computer's desktop looking the way you want with a personalized background, you may find that the toolbar color doesn't match your style. But happily, you don't have to leave the toolbar colors at their default setting determined by the operating system. By changing a setting in the operating system's menu, you can modify the toolbar color to nearly any color in the spectrum.


Step 1

The Control Panel

Access the Start menu by clicking on the "Windows" icon at the lower-left corner of the desktop. Scroll through the Start menu options and click the "Control Panel" button.


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Step 2

The Personalization Icon

Scroll down towards the bottom of the Control Panel menu. Locate the icon of a computer monitor that is labeled "Personalization." Double-click the "Personalization" icon.


Step 3

Choosing a Base Color

Click the "Window Color and Appearance" link at the top of the new window that will appear on the screen. Click on the base color that you want to choose for your computer's toolbars, such as graphite or teal.



Step 4

Choosing Color Intensity

Click on the "Color Intensity" slider bar underneath the list of base colors. Drag the slider to the right for a more solid version of the color; or, instead, drag to the left for a clearer version of the color.


Step 5

Click on the "Show Color Mixer" button if you don't find the exact hue you want for your toolbars. Click and drag the "Hue" and "Brightness" sliders to experiment with the color options and find the specific color that you want.

Step 6

Click on the "Open Classic Color Properties" link at the bottom of the window if you want to use the older versions of the Windows color schemes, such as those from Windows XP or Windows 95.


Step 7

Scroll through the list of toolbar color schemes available and click on the one you want, such as "Windows Classic" or "High Contrast Black." Click "OK." Click "Apply" to save your toolbar color changes.


If you are using a different operating system on your computer, the menu screens you access and specific buttons you click on may be slightly different. Check the manual that came with your computer or access the support section of the website for your operating system.

Changing the toolbar color scheme will not only change the color of the toolbar at the top of any window you open, but also the color of the "Start" toolbar at the bottom of the desktop.