How to Change the Default Browser for an iPhone

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The iPhone has many features, including a Web browser. The iPhone uses the Safari web browser by default, but there are a number of different browsers that the device supports, such as Opera, 360 and Atomic. If you prefer to use a different browser as your default choice, you can do so without much difficulty.


Step 1

Enter "browser" in the search bar of the Apple App Store to locate other browsers compatible with the iPhone.

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Step 2

Select the browser you wish to use and purchase it through the App Store.


Step 3

Open that browser and select "Make Default Browser" under the Options menu. Some browsers may have that option listed under "Tools."

Tips & Warnings

  • A jailbroken iPhone can also use your alternate browser to open emailed links if you download the free app "Browser Changer" from the Cydia App Store. Install the app and then go to the "Settings" menu and select "BrowserChanger" to choose your browser. Non-jailbroken phones will still use Safari to open emailed links and pop-up windows.