How to Check IP Address History

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An Internet Protocol (IP) address is a numeric label that is assigned to your computer when you're connected to a network like the Internet. IP addresses are useful in tracking the identity of your computer and its location. Web browsers like Internet Explorer store the URLs and IP addresses of all the websites you visit in a given period of time. You can check your IP history to keep track of your browsing habits.


Step 1

Launch "Internet Explorer" from the Start menu.

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Step 2

Click on "Tools" and select "Internet Options."

Step 3

Click on the "General" tab in the "Internet Options" dialog box.


Step 4

Hit the "Settings" button under "Browsing History." Click on "View Files." This will open a list of all the Internet addresses you have visited by date and time. Note or write down the respective Internet addresses listed under "Internet Address" column.


Step 5

Click on the Start button and select "Run..."


Step 6

Type "ping " without the quotes. Replace "Internet Address" with the URL you obtained in Step 4. Hit the "Enter" key.


Step 7

Wait till you get a response in the following format: "Pinging [XXX.XXX.XXX.XX] with 32 bytes of data: . . ." "XXX-XXX-XXX-XX" is the IP address you are looking for. Repeat this step for any website in the list in Step 4 to keep track of your IP address history.




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