How to Check Messages on an LG Cell Phone

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Cell phones manufactured by LG are compatible with several types of messaging services, including text messaging with support for media files, such as pictures and video, and email messaging. The cell phone alerts you when you receive a message, according to the settings you adjust on your phone. You can access your message in-box, out-box and messages you have drafted and saved to your phone.


Step 1

Open the main menu on your LG cell phone by pressing the soft key under the word "Menu." The soft keys are the buttons located under the LCD screen that perform the actions written over them.

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Step 2

Select the "Messaging" option to bring up the list of messaging options. Selections are made on most LG phones by highlighting the options using the navigation buttons and then pressing the "OK" or "Select" button, located in the middle of the navigation buttons.


Step 3

Choose one of the categories to view the corresponding messages. Select "Inbox" to view messages you have received, "Drafts" to view messages you have not completed and "Outbox" for recent messages you have sent.


Step 4

Highlight any of the messages and press the "OK" or "Select" button to view the message.


Step 5

LG cell phones with touch controls can access the "Messaging" menu by tapping the "Messaging" icon on the home screen. The rest of the directions are basically the same, except you touch each option instead of pressing a button.



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