How to Check Your GPA Online

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Checking or calculating your high school or college grade point average (GPA) is about more than being proud of what you accomplished during a particular semester. Knowing your exact GPA is useful as you apply for scholarships, graduate school or put together a resume. It's possible that your school or university is able to tell you how to access your GPA via the school's website. If not, you are able to manually learn your GPA for free via online GPA calculators.


Step 1

Contact the bursar's office or main office of the university or school for your grades. Get the exact grade points for each class, if possible, to obtain your exact GPA. The person you speak with can also tell you if you are able to access your GPA via the school's website and how you do so, which lets you check your GPA without having to manually calculate it.

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Step 2

Use the Staples High School website GPA calculator to learn your GPA. Unlike other online GPA calculators, the tool on this website lets you check both your regular, or unweighted, GPA and your weighted GPA, which is GPA that includes a special five-point scale for harder courses, such as AP or Honors classes. Click the appropriate GPA link on the Staples website to begin calculating your GPA.


Step 3

Visit the Online Conversion website to find basic high school or college GPA. This website has a GPA scale that includes points for "plus" and "minus" grades, and you are able to add an infinite amount of classes via the website's GPA generator. Your GPA updates each time you click the "Add Grade" button on the page.

Step 4

Go to the "Calculate Your GPA" page on the Carroll Community College website. This website lets you calculate your college semester GPA via letter grade or grade points, and also lets you add credits attempted to the equation. You are able to check GPA for up to 15 courses using this resource. Select your amount of courses at the bottom of the "Calculate Your GPA" page to begin.


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