How to Calculate Average Monthly Visitors in Google Analytics

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Many webmasters and content publishers use the free Google Analytics service to monitor website traffic and visitor statistics. Google Analytics records the number of visitors to each tracked website and displays the data in graphical and numerical format. The service also captures other information about website visitors, such as duration of visit, number of pages browsed and each visitor's geographic point of origin. You can configure Google Analytics to provide visitor information over any date range you wish. To calculate average monthly visitors, first you must use the Google Analytics date range feature to gather statistics for each month that you want to include in the calculation.


Step 1

Log in to your Google Analytics account.

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Step 2

Click the website that you want to open from the list displayed under "Overview – All Accounts."

Step 3

Click the "View Report" link next to the website account name.


Step 4

Click the "Date Range" button in the upper right corner of your dashboard to select visitor statistics for a particular date range.

Step 5

Select the start date and end date using the calendar tool. Pick the first day and last day of a month to get visitor statistics for the full month. Click the "Apply" button.



Step 6

Scroll down to the "Site Usage" statistics, where the traffic results for the specified month are now displayed. Write down the statistic that you want to use for the average calculation – you can choose "number of visits" or "number of page views." Repeat this and the preceding step for each month that you want to include in your average calculation.


Step 7

Add together the traffic statistics for each month – for example, 2,356 visitors in January plus 4,219 in February and 5,287 in March totals 11,862 visitors. Divide this by the number of months included. Using the above example, 11,862 visitors divided by three months is an average of 3,954 visitors per month.



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