How to View StubHub Completed Sales

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StubHub is an online ticket marketplace that connects buyers and sellers. The website is part of the eBay family and has been in business since 2000. Whether you are a ticket buyer or seller, you can track the completed sales associated with your StubHub account. Sales do not expire from the account, so you can go back as far as necessary.


Step 1

Sign in to StubHub and click "My Account." (See Resources)

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Step 2

Click "Selling History" beneath "Selling Tickets."

Step 3

Select a date filter using the calendar, if you want to view completed sales from a particular date range. If you want to view all completed order, select "No Date Filter."



Step 4

Click "Filter Listings" to view the list of completed sales by date or the entire list of sales if you deactivated the date filter.



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