How to Delete Your FedEx Account

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FedEx Ship Manager allows you to easily delete an account from the FedEx database. FedEx Ship Manager is an Internet-based shipping program that enables you to manage all your goods shipping operations via the website. Deleting your account will also delete all your configuration and setting files from the FedEx server.


Step 1

Log in to the FedEx Ship Manager as administrator.

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Step 2

Click "Accounts" tab to view the Shipping Administration screen.

Step 3

Type the username of the account that you want to delete in the Search box and then click "GO." All the results matching your search criteria will be displayed. If you have already located the account that you want to delete and do not want to search then skip to the next step.



Step 4

Choose the account that you want to delete and then click "Delete."

Step 5

Click "OK" on the account deletion confirmation dialog box that opens.

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