How to Convert Quicken to

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You can convert from Quicken to to manage your finances, but you must already be downloading data from your financial institutions via the Quicken Web Connect feature or manually importing data files you download from your bank's website. You will need the login credentials for each financial account you wish to import into


Step 1

Go to and click the "Sign Up" button at the upper right corner of the front page. Provide your personal details, including email, country, ZIP code and password on the "Create a New Account" page. Click the "Sign Up" button to register for

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Step 2

Click the "Add Account" button on the left-hand sidebar. A dialog box appears laid over the screen.


Step 3

Type the name of your bank in the "Enter Your Bank's Name or URL" field. Alternatively, you can type your bank's website address instead. Click the "Search" button, then click on the name of your bank from the results that appear below.


Step 4

Type the username and password in the appropriate fields, then click the "Add It" button. will make a call to your bank's servers to verify the information is correct. If the login information matches, then the account is added and begins downloading your transactions.


To manually enter a transaction, click the account link from the left-hand "Accounts" sidebar and click the "Add a Transaction" button. Enter a description, then choose a category and type a dollar amount for the transaction. Click the "I'm Done" button to save the transaction.

Warning may only retrieve the last 12 months of transactions from your financial institution. Some banks and credit cards may allow for a longer time frame, but many institutions cut off at the 12-month mark.