How to Find Your FTP Port Numbers

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After you sign up with a Web-hosting company, you must transfer your website files to the hosting company. Typically this is done by uploading the site files to the hosting company's server via FTP transfer. In order to perform an FTP upload, you generally need a server name or host name, a user name, a password and the FTP port number.


Step 1

Check your email to see if you have received the confirmation email from the Web-hosting service. This should contain your important account information, including the FTP details.

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Step 2

Log into your Web-hosting account to get the FTP details from your hosting control panel. The exact location of this information varies by hosting company. Look for the "account settings" area of the control panel.


Step 3

Use your hosting company's online help database to find your FTP port numbers. Typically the port numbers are the same for all users. Most of the time you will be using either port 20 or 21, but you should confirm this with your hosting company.




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