How to Upload Files to a Website

Before any file can be viewed on a website over the Internet, you need to upload the file to the server that hosts your website. This is sometimes referred to as "going live." Some Web hosts have built in upload features that allow users to browse and upload files using a built-in FTP (file transfer protocol) program. In the absence of a built-in FTP on your Web server, or if you prefer to handle uploads from your end, you will need to download and install an FTP program on your computer to upload your files.

Step 1

Download and install an FTP (file transfer protocol) program. Smart FTP, Filezilla, CuteFTP and Core FTP Light are some of the choices that you can consider. They all work in essentially the same way. Core FTP LE (light version) has everything you need, it is easy to install and it is free.

Step 2

Visit your web host and check the Frequently Asked Questions section. Look for instructions on setting up an FTP program. Keep this information in an open browser window on your computer or write the information down so you will have it handy should you need it again. Write down the host IP URL, your username and password, and the name of the folder you will need to connect with to upload your files.

Step 3

Install Core FTP or another FTP program, open it and create a project. You will need to supply a name for the project. Use the name of your website to keep things simple. Before you can connect to your Web host, you will need to enter all the information you retrieved from your Web host. On the left side of the programs interface you will enter the name of the directory where all your website files are located on your computer. On the right side of the program you will enter the folder you need to upload your files to. It will typically be named "public html," or something similar. Enter the names of these folders. If you want Core to remember your password each time you sign in to upload files, click the "Remember Password" box. Ensure your connection type is set to FTP.

Step 4

Click the "Connect" button and your FTP software will connect to the Web host folder you need to upload your files to. Your website folder will appear, with contents displayed. To upload a file, all you need to do is double click. The file will transfer to your Web host and be available for viewing on the Web.