How to Respond to Amazon Messages

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The Amazon Buyer-Seller Messaging Service is completely hosted by the website and is accessed within a user's individual account. From there all correspondence is initiated, all responses sent and a complete communication history saved. In a two-tab format, listed as the Inbox and Sent Items, the messages can all be filtered by time period, name or keyword.


Step 1

Navigate to the Amazon website and locate the login portal listed as "Your Account" on the top right of the page. Click the link to access the login page.

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Step 2

Type your email address and password in the fields on the right side of the page. Sign in to enter your personal account page.

Step 3

View the account page and note the first category of options, titled "Orders." Click the link marked "View Your Emails With Sellers" to track seller correspondence.


Step 4

Navigate between the "Inbox" and "Sent Items" tabs to locate and reply to any correspondence.



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