How to Search eBay History

By Shea Laverty

Using My eBay, you can check your previous sales or purchases. With advanced search options, you can look at completed and sold listings.

In addition to being the main account interface, the My eBay section of eBay's website is where you go to check your sales and purchase history. Checking your history can be important for your personal recordkeeping, especially if you run an eBay store as a business. You can also check previously sold or completed listings, even if they aren't your own sales or purchases.

Searching Completed Listings

Using the advanced search, you can peruse completed transactions or sold listings. Checking these sales can be a good way to estimate roughly how much you'll spend buying a particular item or how much an item tends to go for if you're selling one.

Step 1

Click Advanced by the Search button at the top of the eBay page.

Step 2

Type the name of the item you're searching for in the Search field under Enter keywords or item number, then select the Completed listings check box for completed transactions or the Sold listings check box for listings that have already sold.

The eBay adavanced search with completed listings selected.

Step 3

Click Search to bring up a list of completed transactions or sold items.

You can also search by price.

Finding Your Purchase History

Records of all of your purchases in the last three years are maintained by eBay in the My eBay section of the website. By default, all of your purchases within the last 60 days are shown, with purchases from earlier than that available for viewing by filtering by year. As of publication, eBay doesn't offer purchase history for any purchases made earlier than the last three years.

Step 1

Hover your mouse over the My eBay button and select Purchase History from the menu.

My eBay drop-down menu.

Step 2

Use the See orders from drop-down to select a time period to view.

You can further filter your orders with the Filter by menu.

Step 3

Click the Orders per page options at the bottom of the Purchase History box to change how many orders are shown per page.

The Purchase History screen with 25 orders per page selected.

Finding Your Sold Listings

Records of your sales are also stored in the My eBay section. This record includes items currently for sale, recently sold items, items scheduled for sale, items returned by customers and unsold merchandise. Each heading can be set to filter based on date or in the case of current sales, by listing format. As of publication, sales records only extend to the last 18 months.

Step 1

Hover your mouse over the My eBay button and select Selling from the menu.

My eBay drop-down menu.

Step 2

Check the appropriate section for the type of sales history you're looking for. For example, Sold for completed sales.

The eBay selling history page.

Step 3

Use the Period drop-down to show history within a specific time period.

The Period drop-down menu.


If at any time you're experiencing technical difficulties checking your sales or purchases, contact eBay customer support.