How to Search Amazon by Price

Amazon doesn't have a search tool that allows you to search by a specific price, however it does have a couple of features you can use to refine a search to find a cost within your budget. For example, you can sort products by lowest or highest cost, or refine your search by price range. You can also dig deeper into product pages to find alternative sellers and a sorted list of their prices.

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Sort a Search in Price Order

Type the name of the product in the Amazon search bar. Go to the Sort By box above the search results. If you don't see this box, use the Choose a Department to Sort dropdown menu to refine your search; the box should appear after you've chosen a department. Select Price: Low to High or Price: High to Low to sort your search by cost.

Search by low to high price on Amazon
Sort Amazon prices in ascending or descending order.
credit: Image courtesy Amazon

Refine a Search by Price Range

If you have a specific budget, you can limit your search results to a specific price range. Go to the Refine By options to the left of your search results and scroll down to Price. You can choose one of Amazon's default ranges or use your own prices. If you use a default, you see the number of products in your search that are in that range in parentheses. Select a default to filter the search or type prices in the range boxes and select Go.

Search by price range in Amazon
Set a price range to see products within two price levels.
credit: Image courtesy Amazon

Note that Amazon sets price ranges by product. If you're looking at low cost products, ranges typically start lower and may have more options. More expensive products typically have fewer default ranges.

Find Prices From a Product Page

You can also use a search feature in product pages to find a list of alternative sellers and their prices. Open the product's page and look in the description area for New or Used links. Some products may also have a Refurbished option.

Search for new or used items on an Amazon product page
Use new or used links to find more sellers.
credit: Image courtesy Amazon

Select one of the links to go to its More Buying Options page. This page contains a list of alternative sellers and prices, sorted by price and shipping costs.

Find products from an Offers Listing page on Amazon
Use the tabs to see all items or to switch to different options.
credit: Image courtesy Amazon

You can't refine the results on this page, however you can set them to show only products with free shipping. To view a product from the list, you must select the seller's name and find the product on his account page.

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