How to Find Out Any Website's Traffic, Visitors and Hits

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Website traffic indicates performance. Having a website's traffic statistics means you'll uncover opportunities, benchmark your website and reveal competitors traffic strategies by comparing your traffic to any other website's traffic. Many online tools allow you to find your website's traffic statistics. For example, you'll use Google Analytics, or look at your site server log files. Getting access to the exact traffic statistics on someone else's website is impossible unless they tell you. However, many online tools exist, which allow you to see estimated website traffic statistics.

Observe Traffic Statistics in Graphic Format

You'll find your competitor's website traffic statistics and data using It's a website-based keyword research tool, which returns data columns like keyword, position, volume and more. Just type the website URL, and you see the website's traffic, visitors, hits and much more. As you go down the list, you start to estimate how much traffic each keyword gets based on the position and search volume. SEMrush offers paid plans for access to more tools. The best thing about this tool is it shows you the information and data in a graphic format.

Obtain Traffic Insights for Any Website is another website traffic intelligence tool, which gives you any website's traffic data by source with an excellent graph. You'll see weekly website traffic "reach" rather than site visitor counts. Just type a website, and you'll see the weekly visitor count for the past six months. It also tells you the leads volume, which come from display ads, social, search, referrals and many more. When visiting the site, look for the big button, which allows you to add competitors. Click the 'Add Competitors' button, and you'll see more website suggestions and your competitor's traffic statistics. One of the drawbacks, to using this tool, is you'll find it difficult to find website traffic results for sites, which are smaller.

Identify Unique Visitors and More works much like the Similarweb online website traffic intelligence tool. However, Compete's data is only based on U.S. website traffic and used to estimate the total U.S. traffic for almost all websites on the web. Compete pulls their data from sources such as ISPs, their toolbar and other website traffic statistic sources to calculate visitors and site hits. Just type any domain to view unique visitors, rank and other website traffic statistics. Ability to export data to Excel files is another useful feature. Compete's tool is free to use unless the site you're looking for has moderate traffic.

Discover Advanced Traffic Statistics and Data is an advanced website intelligence tool for gathering any website's traffic statistics. It has stunning charts, which are easily modified in Excel. This tool also shows you social media data, trends, conversions and analysis of thirty-five different reports. is used by some of the largest global brands with the most sophisticated measurement needs. Measuring website performance, finding competitor traffic statistics and uncovering opportunities is easy with this online website traffic intelligence tool.

Anyone can use SimplyMeasured to view their competitor's website traffic statistics. So the next time a potential advertiser asks you what your traffic is, tell them to check SimplyMeasured. Using this tool the advertiser views your stats in an entirely transparent way and doesn't suspicion statistic number enhancement in any way.