How to Claim a Website

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Websites have become one of the most prevalent media for conveying information in the digital age. They have become an essential marketing tool for businesses. Many people do significant amounts of shopping over the Internet or use websites to store their digital photographs. Websites are used as a form of social media to keep friends and relatives connected, and some people even have their own websites dedicated to their families or other personal interests. If starting your own website interests you, it is necessary that you first claim your website by registering a domain name.


Step 1

Create an ideal website address that you would prefer to use. This address can be very specific, such as your name, or it can be general, such as a type of business. Try to tailor the address to fit your needs and be creative.

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Step 2

Navigate to a web domain name registration website on the Internet. To find one, search for "web address registration websites." Some examples of these websites are:;; and


Step 3

Search for an available domain name. Using the registration website's domain name searching tool, search for the ideal website address that you have created. Sometimes it may not be available, so you may have to choose one of the suggested domain names in the search results.

Step 4

Choose an extension for your domain name. An extension is a category for your domain name. Common examples are: .com, .net, or .tv.



Step 5

Click the icon that allows you to continue to the registration process. This then prompts you to enter some personal information that is necessary for registering the domain name.

Step 6

Enter your payment information. Once you have filled out the required billing information and "check out" information, the domain name is yours and you have claimed the website.

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