How to Search for People for Free in the UK

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How to Search for People for Free in the UK
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The internet provides individuals around the world with a seemingly endless set of tools they can use to find and connect with friends, family and just about anyone in between. As the number of public records available online continues to grow, it has become possible to find just about anyone through a simple internet search. Although some of these services require you to pay a premium for use, others are entirely free. In fact, you can use a few relatively straightforward techniques to find someone in the U.K. without spending a dime.


How to Find a Person in the UK

Before you begin your search, define what your preferred result is. For example, if you are searching for someone to connect with them socially and exchanges messages, you use an entirely different service than if you are trying to confirm a street address or telephone number.

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Concretely defining the intent of your search guides several decisions when it comes to tracking down the designated individual.


Evaluate any information you already have available and how it can be used to facilitate your search. Although many search options are available, you may find it impossible to locate the individual in question if all you have to work with is a first name. With that in mind, take the time to gather as much information as you can find before initiating the actual search.

Using the Voter Database

The U.K. currently provides individuals with access to a complete index of registered voters. This information is located on a variety of websites. An excellent example of these search platforms is This website and others like it allow you to search for people using their name and location.


Basic searches are made entirely for free, while detailed information related to the individuals in question requires a small fee. It is interesting to note that does not only allow you to search for individuals but also for businesses that are registered in the U.K.

Searching Home Titles

An alternative method for learning more about an individual is to use their home address as a launching point. The website for the U.K. Land Registry allows you to search for individuals based on their place of residence. For example, if you are curious to learn more about the owner of a house near you, input its address into the Land Registry website to gain an extensive amount of identifying information.


Social Media and Searches

If you are searching for someone who is tech savvy and a member of a younger generation, the chances are good that they have some form of social media profile in existence. Because of this, you may be able to find information about them by searching popular social media platforms.

Although you cannot use these search tools unless you have an account with the social media provider, you may discover that this particular search method yields the most immediate result. Your specific intent for the search plays a huge role in determining which specific search tool you end up using.