How to Clean the Head of My Lexmark Printer

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Unclog your Lexmark printer regularly to produce excellent image or text quality. A few common Lexmark printers available for heavy duty printing include the X5075, X5650 and X9575. Each of these printers require you to perform maintenance steps to prevent any unwanted issues. If your printed images are looking washed out or uneven, this could be a definite sign that your printer heads need cleaning to function properly.


Step 1

Insert a blank piece of paper into the Lexmark printer via the paper tray and begin the process of cleaning the head.

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Step 2

Launch the "Start" menu on your Windows computer. View the additional options and browse through the list.


Step 3

Select the "All Programs" link to access more settings for your computer system. Choose the Lexmark folder that contains several functions specifically for your printer. On some printer models, the installed software includes a "Lexmark Solution Center" application that can be used to take you through the troubleshooting steps.


Step 4

Click the "Maintenance" tab to access the cleaning settings for your printer. Within a few seconds, you'll be presented with a choice to print a test page. Select the "Print" option and wait for the page to finish printing for you. The ink cartridge will automatically push the ink through the printer head and clean it at the same time.



Step 5

View the printed page to see if the colors and quality is satisfactory. If you're not entirely happy with the finished product, repeat the process of printing another test page. As soon as your page has printed, you'll instantly know if your printer head has been fully clean and correctly working.


Step 6

Replace the ink cartridge if you're continuously having issues with your print quality. Sometimes the printer head can become worn out from an enormous amount of printing. You can also run into problems with a generic ink cartridge that wasn't manufactured by Lexmark. It's always best to use an authentic Lexmark ink cartridge because it has been successfully created to work with your Lexmark printer.



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