How to Combine 2 PDF Pages

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Combine 2 PDFs into one in Adobe Acrobat.

Adobe Acrobat is the software you need to create a Portable Document Format (PDF) document from scratch or convert other document formats to PDF. Acrobat comes in handy when you want to combine two or more existing PDF pages into one document. It will allow you add multiple files at once and rearrange them in the order you prefer. Different versions of Acrobat work slightly differently to combine files.


Step 1

Open Adobe Acrobat.

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Step 2

Click the "File" menu. Select "Combine Files" (Acrobat 8) or "Combine," then "Merge Files into a Single PDF" (Acrobat 9).


Step 3

Click "Add Files." In Acrobat 9, click "Add Files" again from the drop-down list.

Step 4

Select a PDF document from your computer that you want to include in the document. Click "Add Files," and it will appear in "Combine Files" window. Click "Add Files" again to add the second PDF document.


Step 5

Select one of the files and use the "Move Up" or "Move Down" buttons to rearrange the files as needed.


Step 6

Click "Next," then select "Merge Files into a Single PDF" in Acrobat 8. Click "Create" to merge the files. In Acrobat 9, click "Combine Files" to complete the process.


Step 7

Wait while the merged PDF document is created. Click "Save." Choose a destination folder for the document and enter a filename in the "Save as" dialog box. Click "Save."



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