How to Combine Split Zip Files

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Though modern larger capacity hard drives are becoming more affordable, they may still not have enough room to store large multimedia files or programs. Compressing such files makes them easier to store and faster to transmit via email or through a website. Even then, if a compressed archive proves too big, it may need to be split into smaller zip files, which must then be joined before the original can be decompressed.


Step 1

Click the "Start" button in Windows XP or later operating systems and choose "My Computer" to display the My Computer window.

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Step 2

Navigate to the location of the split zip files by double-clicking drives and folders to open them.


Step 3

Choose the "File" menu and select "New" and "Folder" to create a new folder, which you may optionally rename. Drag all the split zip files into this folder. You must include all the pieces, which have the same name but a sequentially numbered extension. If any parts are missing, you cannot combine the files.



Step 4

Choose "Extract All Files" in the Folder Tasks pane of the window.. A wizard appears that asks you where to store the decompressed file. Specify a location and go through the wizard to complete decompression.



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