How to Connect a Cable Modem to a Wireless Router

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A wireless router eliminates the need for ugly and inconvenient cables.
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First the Internet revolutionized communication, then wireless technology changed how we use it. Wireless routers allow us to not only use the Internet almost anywhere, they also allow multiple devices to use a single Internet connection without the hassle and expense of wiring the house or building. If you want to join the couch computing club, you need to set up a wireless router to work with your cable modem.


Step 1

Disconnect the cable modem's power cord.

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Step 2

Look at the back of the modem. Locate an Ethernet port. It looks like a phone jack, but slightly larger, and may be labeled "Ethernet," "Eth" or "Link."


Step 3

Connect a Category 5e Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port. It only goes in one way -- again, like a telephone jack -- so be sure it's right.

Step 4

Look at the back of the wireless router. There may several Ethernet ports. If there are, locate the one that is by itself. It may be labeled "Internet" or "Modem."



Step 5

Connect the other end of the Ethernet cable to this port.

Step 6

Connect the power cords for the cable modem and wireless router. Take care not to mix them up.


To set up security for your wireless router, you should open a Web browser and go to the router's local configuration page, often or Check your router's manual for the correct address.



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