How to Connect a Computer to a Bose SoundDock

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1/8-inch stereo audio cables are available for a few dollars from most technology stores.
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Break free of those crummy little built-in speakers on your computer by connecting it to a Bose SoundDock. Take a few dollars from your pocket for a stereo audio cable and two minutes of time to make the connection, and you'll be listening to your favorite tracks in bass-thumping hi-fi. How you go about connecting your computer to a Bose SoundDock varies only slightly depending on the age of the SoundDock you're using.


Step 1

Locate the headphone jack on your computer. Some computers have dedicated headphone jacks, while others, including many Macs, have combined headphone and general-purpose audio jacks.

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Step 2

Connect one end of a 1/8-inch or 3.5-mm stereo audio cable to the headphone jack on your computer. Connect the other end to the "AUX IN" or "AUDIO INPUT" jack located on the back of the Bose SoundDock. The labeling of this jack varies depending on the age of your SoundDock device.

Step 3

Press and hold the "Play/Pause" button on the SoundDock for three seconds to activate playback through the AUX IN or AUDIO INPUT jacks.

If you're using an older version of the SoundDock, press the "AUX" button on the SoundDock's remote to activate playback from your computer. The computer is successfully connected when the AUX IN light glows on the front of the SoundDock.



Step 4

Turn on the video or audio player of your choice on your computer. Turn the computer's volume up to near maximum level and then use the "+" and "-" volume buttons on the SoundDock to adjust the playback volume.




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