How to Connect a PC to a TV With a USB Cord

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With technological advances such as color pictures, DVDs and remote control, watching television has become more enjoyable over the last several decades. A recent advance is the ability to connect your home computer to a television, allowing you to view a variety of media, including videos, digital photographs and Microsoft Power Point presentations on the TV screen. If your television is fairly new, you typically will need only a USB cord to connect your computer to your TV.


Step 1

Turn off both the television and the computer or laptop you will be connecting via a USB cord.


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Step 2

Place the USB plug into the port available either on the front, side or back of your computer. The placement of the USB ports will depend on whether or not the computer you are plugging into is a desktop or a laptop. Look for the arrow located on one side of the USB cord. This arrow indicates which way the cord should be placed in the computer port, with the arrow facing up towards you.


Step 3

Connect the opposite end of the cord into your television. The USB port will be located on the back or side of the television. If you do not have a USB port on the back of your television (many older televisions don't) you may need to utilize a converter. Your TV may accept VGA, HDMI, or S-video cables, which can be attached to the USB cord via the converter.


Step 4

Turn on the television and computer. Using the television remote, choose the analog channel recommended for viewing a computer screen in your television owner's manual. Most manuals will specify a PC or HDMI analog channel. Make sure your computer indicates "New Hardware Detected," letting you know it has recognized the USB cable.

Things You'll Need

  • Dual USB cord or appropriate converter

  • Television

  • Computer