How to Connect a Phone to WiFi

By Kenyonda Bradley

Wi-Fi, which is an acronym for "Wireless Fidelity," allows users to connect to an Internet connection without the use of wires. Because of its popularity, many mobile phone manufactures have adopted the feature and added it into their devices. Choosing Wi-Fi over your wireless provider's network may enable you to connect to mobile web pages as well as sending and receiving data much quicker.

Step 1

Navigate to the "Settings" menu on your mobile phone.

Step 2

Locate and click the option "Wireless Networks."

Step 3

Select "Wi-Fi Settings."

Step 4

Select the option to turn on a Wi-Fi connection, if prompted.

Step 5

Select "Scan" or "Add Wi-Fi Network." This will allow Wi-Fi to search for any available Internet connections within your radius.

Step 6

Wait for the list to generate, and then select a wireless access point from the list of available networks.

Step 7

Select "Connect" to establish a connection to a wireless network.