How to Connect an E71 to WiFi

By Mandy Slake

The Nokia E71 can connect to Wi-Fi networks using its built-in Wi-Fi antenna. The phone has an automatic Wi-Fi network setup wizard, but you can also set up the connection manually and specify the settings. Using a Wi-Fi router with a broadband connection gives you faster connection speeds than the cellular network, and the data does not count against the data transfer limit on your account.

Step 1

Click "Menu" and select "Connectivity." Open "WLAN wiz." and follow the on-screen directions to set up the connection automatically.

Step 2

Select "Menu" and tap "Tools" then select "Settings" to set up the connection manually. Click "Connections" and open "Access points."

Step 3

Click "Options" and select "New access point" to create a new Wi-Fi connection.

Step 4

Type a name for the connection under the "Connection name" field.

Step 5

Set "Data bearer" to "Wireless LAN."

Step 6

Press "Search for networks" under the "WLAN network name" field to search for nearby networks. To specify a network, select "Enter manually" and type the name of the SSID. The SSID is the network name for the wireless access point.

Step 7

Select "Hidden" or "Public" in the "Network status" field.

Step 8

Set "WLAN network mode" to "Infrastructure" for a Wi-Fi connection that uses an access point. Select "Ad-hoc" for device-to-device connections.

Step 9

Select the network security type under "WLAN security mode." If you use WEP, WPA or WPA2, enter the network key under "WLAN security settings."

Step 10

Type the URL of the page you want the phone to display automatically under "Homepage."

Tips & Warnings

  • Click "Options" under the "Access point" menu to set advanced Wi-Fi settings such as IPv4, IPv6, ad-hoc channel, and proxy address and port numbers.

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