How to Connect a TV to a LAN

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If your home has broadband service where you receive both TV and Internet over cable, you can use an LAN modem to transmit the cable TV signal to your TV set. You will need to have an LAN port on your TV, which many HD TV sets now come with. By connecting your TV set through a LAN, you can share your cable and Internet without having to deal with possible problems from a cable splitter, and you can free up the TV set's RG coaxial port for another possible connection.


Step 1

Connect the cable running from inside the wall of your home to your cable modem's input port. This is the cylindrical threaded port much like the main port on the TV set.

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Step 2

Plug an LAN Ethernet cable into one of the output ports on the modem.


Step 3

Connect the same cable to the LAN input port on your TV set.

Step 4

Plug the modem into a wall socket. It often takes up to two minutes for the modem to fully power up.

Step 5

Turn the TV set on. If the TV signal does not immediately appear on the screen, go to the remote control's Input button and look for the modem or LAN option on the Input menu.



Step 6

Link your computer to the modem using another LAN Ethernet cable and log on from your computer to confirm you can receive Internet access from the modem as well.

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