How to Connect a Video Camera to a Projector

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There are a variety of different video cameras available on the market, many of which have different recording functions. Some cameras record to a memory card or writable DVD, while others use a digital tape or an internal hard drive. No matter how your video camera records, you may want to simply display your video without editing it. Although you can do this on a television, a projector can provide a larger image.


Step 1

Plug the 3.5mm-to-RCA cable into the 3.5mm jack of the video camera. Most cameras have this. The port on the video camera is the same size as a port for headphones. It allows you to connect the audio and video from the camera into a television, or in this case, the video projector.

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Step 2

Plug the yellow RCA cable into the yellow RCA port on the video projector. If there is are red and white ports available, plug your red and white cables in also. These cables provided the sound for the video camera. Some projectors do not support audio playback, in which case you need to connect the red and white audio cables to an "Audio In" port on a stereo system.


Step 3

Power on the video camera and set it to "VCR."


Step 4

Power on the video projector and press the "Menu" button. Under menu you are going to find "Video In" (or something similar, depending on your make and model). Select this to display all of the possible options on your projector.


Step 5

Scroll through the available selections until the content from the video camera is projected. From here you can begin the playback with the video camera.




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