How to Hook Up a GoPro for the HDTV

Watch videos you recorded on your GoPro in the comfort of your living room by connecting the camera to your high-definition television using a micro HDMI cable or a USB card reader.


  • The instructions in this article apply to the two latest GoPro models as of publication: the HERO4 and the HERO+ LCD.
  • GoPro cameras cannot stream 4K videos directly to your television set. If you own a 4K television and want to watch videos in that resolution, connect your GoPro to a computer using the supplied USB cable and transfer the videos to your hard drive. Connect your computer to your television and stream the videos. Alternatively, if your 4K television supports USB playback of 4K videos, insert your GoPro's memory card in a USB card reader and connect the reader to the television.

Watch Videos Recorded With a GoPro HERO4

Things You'll Need

  • Micro HDMI cable

  • High-definition television

Step 1

Turn the camera off.

Step 2

Insert the cable's small connector into the Micro HDMI port on your GoPro camera and the large connector into one of your television's HDMI ports.


Your GoPro HERO4's Micro HDMI port is located near the memory card slot.

Step 3

Select HDMI from your television's input source list.


On most televisions, access the input list by pressing the Input button on your remote control. Refer to your television's user manual for instructions specific to your particular model.

Step 4

Turn the camera on.

Step 5

Select Playback mode by pressing the Power/Mode button on your camera and confirming your selection by pressing the Shutter/Select button.

Step 6

Play a video by selecting it using the Power/Mode and Shutter/Select buttons.


Use your camera's arrow keys to navigate through screens.

Watch Videos Recorded With a GoPro HERO+ LCD

Unlike the HERO4, the GoPro HERO+ LCD does not have a Micro HDMI port. You can, however, watch your GoPro videos on an HD television using your camera's microSD memory card.


  • Not all televisions come with either USB ports or a built-in memory card reader. Visit the website of the company that manufactured your television to check whether your model supports either of these features.
  • As an alternative to using a USB card reader, consider transferring videos to a USB drive on a computer and plugging the drive into your television's USB port.

Step 1

Insert your camera's memory card in a USB card reader and plug the reader in your television's USB port. Alternatively, if your television set comes with a memory card slot compatible with the microSD format, insert the card directly into the TV.

Step 2

Use your television's file browser to navigate through video files and select the one you wish to play.