How to Connect Speakers to a Receiver Without Wires

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Freestanding speakers can be connected to a receiver without wires by means of a wireless speaker kit. The technology uses a radio transmitter and receiver to send the audio signal from the receiver to the speaker, which can be placed almost anywhere within range of the transmitter. Although the transmitters are commonly labeled as "wireless speaker kits," the name is somewhat misleading. The speakers are not completely wireless, although fewer wires are involved and the speakers are completely independent of the receiver. The hookups take about 10 minutes per speaker.


Step 1

Connect the wireless speaker transmitter to the audio connectors on the back of the receiver by lifting the spring-loaded clips to expose holes underneath for inserting the wires. Most transmitters operate a pair of stereo speakers and connect with four wires. One pair of wires connects to the left audio channel on the receiver and the other pair connects to the right audio channel, using the red wire for the right connection and the other wire for the left on each pair of speakers.

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Step 2

Attach a receiver to the clips on each speaker with a pair of speaker wires, using the red wire for the right channel. The wire length can be as short as desired, so long as it connects between the receiver and the speaker.


Step 3

Place the speakers with connected receivers in the desired location in the room and connect the AV power cord to the back of each receiver. Plug the AC adapters into a wall outlet.

Step 4

Plug in the wireless speaker transmitter to a power source, then turn on the receiver.

Step 5

Press the control panel or remote-control speaker button for the receiver to activate the pair of speakers. For example, the button might be labeled Speaker A or Speaker B.

Things You'll Need

  • Wireless speaker kit

  • Speaker wire


Wireless transmitters will produce a better signal when there is a clear line of sight between the transmitter and the receiver with attached speaker. Some wireless systems transmit better than others through obstacles such as walls.


Connect the receivers and transmitter to the electrical outlet after the audio connections are complete.


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