How to Convert a PC Monitor to Video RCA

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When connecting typical audio/video equipment together you usually use an RCA connection. RCA has three cables, a yellow cable for the video and red and white cables for the audio. However, even though a computer monitor deals with video it connects to a computer by either a VGA or DVI cable. If you want to connect a computer monitor to a traditional audio/video device you need to convert the PC monitors to the video RCA plug (the yellow cable).


Step 1

Look on the back of the PC monitor and identify what kind of port is used on the computer. A DVI port has a series of square insert ports with a cross shaped port next to it. A VGA port has a series of circular pin insert points lined up in three rows.

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Step 2

Plug either a DVI to RCA or VGA to RCA adapter into the available port on the PC monitor.

Step 3

Thread the tightening screws on the side of the DVI or VGA monitor cable. These screws turn clockwise and you can hand-tighten them. This creates a secure connection between the cable and the monitor and insures the cable will not fall out of the monitor.


Step 4

Plug the yellow RCA cable into the "Video Out" port on the device you want to connect to the PC monitor. This can range from a DVD player to a video game system.


Step 5

Power on the video device and monitor. Once the monitor warms up you should be able to see the contents of the video device over the PC monitor.




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