How to Convert a WPS File Extension

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Microsoft Works is a word processing program that used to come free with nearly all PCs. It was the original word processing program when DOS was introduced in the late-1980s, and now it has virtually disappeared, being replaced by Microsoft Word, OpenOffice Writer, AbiWord and other word processors. Microsoft Works files have a ".wps" file extension, but those files still can be used if the file format is converted.


Step 1

Launch Microsoft Word and click "Open."

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Step 2

Navigate to and select the Microsoft Works file that you would like to convert, and click "Open."

Step 3

Microsoft Word should convert the file as it opens. Click "Save." Microsoft should save the file in the Microsoft Word format.



Step 4

If you have Microsoft Works, open the file. Select "File" and choose "Save As." You should be able to save the file as a text file.



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