How to Convert CDA to WAV and MP3

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Take the music on a CD and place it in the WAV or MP3 format.

When you convert compact disk audio, or CDA, to a format like WAV or MP3, what you're doing is ripping music from a CD to your computer. CDA files work only on a CD. You can take the music on a CD and place it on your computer in the WAV or MP3 format by using a media program capable of ripping CDs, such as Windows Media Player.


Step 1

Open a native program for ripping CDs on your computer, such as Windows Media Player. This program will already be on Windows. Select it under the "Start" menu in Windows.

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Step 2

Click on the "Rip" tab. A drop-down menu appears. Select "Format." A submenu comes up. Select "WAV."


Step 3

Insert your CD into the drive. The program should automatically convert your music into the format you specified. You can find this music in the "Library" tab. Click the "Rip" button in older versions of WMP that may not be automatic.


Step 4

Select "MP3" in the "RiP" tab drop-down menu and then open and close your CD tray to get another version of your music in MP3 format.



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