How to Convert .Docx to .Pptx

By Edward Ha

Both .docx files and .pptx files are associated with Microsoft Office programs. The .docx file is a document file used by Microsoft Word, and the .pptx file is a presentation file used by Microsoft Powerpoint. The conversion process from .docx to .pptx does not use a file-conversion program. Rather you manually convert the file from a document to a presentation. You need to be familiar with both Microsoft Word and Powerpoint.

Step 1

Launch Microsoft Word and open the .docx file you wish to convert to a .pptx file.

Step 2

Launch Microsoft Powerpoint, and open a new presentation. Choose a template you wish to use for your Powerpoint presentation, and plan out how you want to organize the contents of the .docx file into a presentation. You may want to decide how to divide the contents in the document into slides, how many bullet points to include in each slide, and how to position the text in each slide. Sketching out the slides with paper and pen may help.

Step 3

Organize the information in the .docx file by determining what text will be going in which slides. It helps you to visualize the slides if you divide the contents of each slide with page breaks within the document.

Step 4

Create the correct number of slides in Powerpoint, and select the slide layout for every slide that fits the organization you planned out. For instance, the first slide is usually the title slide, and most of the slides will have simple bullet points that summarize the contents. Some layouts allow space for images and diagrams, if you wish to include them.

Step 5

Copy and paste the information from your .docx to your newly created .pptx file by pressing "Ctrl+C" to copy and "Ctrl+V" to paste. Make sure you put appropriate line breaks to organize bullet points.

Step 6

Add any images or diagrams to the slides, if it helps improve the clarity of the contents, and save the .pptx file. The contents of the .docx files are now in a .pptx file.