How to Rename PowerPoint Objects for Animation

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Image Credit: Ciaran Griffin/Lifesize/Getty Images

Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation software that helps you create digital slideshows with animations. PowerPoint automatically generates generic names for any objects included in the slide, such as "Text1" and "Title1". When applying animations to these objects, these generic names can be a source of confusion. Renaming them with meaningful names may be a helpful way to organize your animations. The task can be simply done by using the "Selection Pane" under the "Home Tab."


Step 1

Launch Microsoft PowerPoint and open the presentation you wish to edit.

Step 2

Click the "Home" tab located at the top left corner, and click "Select" under the "Editing" menu located in the top right corner.

Step 3

Click the "Selection Pane," the third option from the drop-down menu. A pane will appear on the right side of the screen, displaying all the objects in the slide.


Step 4

Click on the object names to rename the objects. You may double-click and type in the name and press the "Enter" key to rename the objects.


If you are confused about which object names refer to which objects, click on the object name under the selection pane. The object that the name refers to will be selected in the slide.