How to Convert Excel Formulas to PDF

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Microsoft Excel can save you time when working with complex financial or other numerical documents by allowing you to use formulas. Instead of having to do the math yourself in each cell, you can automatically tell one cell to be the result of a mathematical formula applied to the numbers in one or more other cells via a formula (i.e. "=A4-B4"). If you want to save a list of the formulas you're using in a particular Excel worksheet to a PDF file to share with others (or merely keep for your own future reference), it takes just a few simple steps.

Display & Save Excel Formulas as a PDF

Step 1

Load the Excel worksheet containing the formulas you want to save in PDF format.

Step 2

Hit "Ctrl" + "~" to display the formulas in each cell (as opposed to the results of the formulas).

Step 3

Go to "File" then "Save As."

Step 4

Enter a filename and choose "Portable Document Format *.pdf" from the drop-down "Files of Type" menu. Then click "Save." (Make sure you're saving your new PDF file in a location you can locate later.)

Step 5

Hide the formulas by hitting "Ctrl" + "~" a second time.

If You Do Not See PDF in Your “Save As…” Menu

Step 1

Download and install the Microsoft Office "Save as PDF or XPS" plugin from the link in the Resources section.

Step 2

Restart Microsoft Excel.

Step 3

Repeat the steps in Section One.

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