How to Convert HTML to MP3 on Google Chrome

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When you're following a link to an MP3 file in the Chrome Web browser, you'll find instances when the file might not download, but instead will play inside a music player in the browser window. This doesn't mean the MP3 file has been converted to an HTML file -- it's just using a player to play the file. You don't need to "convert" any HTML to save the MP3 file to your desktop -- all you need to do is follow a brief process involving Chrome's "Save page as" feature.


Step 1

Type the URL of the MP3 file into the address bar and press Enter. You can also click a link leading to the MP3 file or visit a bookmark you saved for the MP3 file, if you created one.

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Step 2

Click the wrench icon located near the upper right corner of the screen. This displays the settings menu.


Step 3

Click "Save page as."


Step 4

Type a file name for the MP3 file and end it with ".mp3" (without the quotation marks). Click "Save" when finished. You've successfully saved your Web MP3 file to your PC.



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