How to Convert JPEG to MPEG

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JPEG is the standard format for images and for digital picture photos. When someone would like to create a slide show using her JPEG images, she needs to convert her JPEGs into a video file format. MPEG is a common video format that is compatible with most video players; however, it is not possible to convert a JPEG straight into MPEG. To do this, one has to first convert JPEG into AVI and then convert AVI into MPEG. This is the easiest and most effective method of conversion.

Converting JPEG to MPEG

Step 1

Go to the Snap Files website (see References) and click the "Download" icon to download the JPGAvi program. To convert to MPEG, you will first have to convert your JPEG to AVI.

Step 2

Unzip the program and open it up by clicking on the .EXE file. Walk through the setup wizard and click "Finish." The program will load automatically. Go to "File" and click "Select Files"; then click "Open."

Step 3

Go to "File" and click "Process File." Your file has now been converted to AVI.

Step 4

Go to the AVI to MPEG website (see References). Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click "Click here to download AVI to MPEG." Click "Save As"; then install the program.

Step 5

Walk through the setup wizard; then open the program upon completion. Click "Add Video" and browse for your JPEG file that you converted to AVI; then click "Open."

Step 6

Click the blue triangle on the top toolbar that says "Convert." This process could take as long as 40 minutes, depending on the size of the file.

Things You'll Need

  • JPGAvi

  • AVI to MPEG media conversion utility