How to Convert JPG to Emoticon

By Shoaib Khan

Emoticons are small graphics used to express mood or facial expression in different forms of communication, such as email and IM (instant messaging). Emoticons were originally simple sequences of characters, but have since evolved into graphical images, usually with a 19 by 19 pixels or 50 by 50 pixels resolution. Graphics emoticons are popular enhancements that enable better interpretation of text and are widely used in chat software such as Yahoo! IM and MSN Messenger. You can create customized emoticons from your JPG images, using free services.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Internet connection

Step 1

Launch a web browser and go to The website offers a free tool to convert any JPG image to a 50 by 50 pixels resolution emoticon, compatible with IMs such as MSN Messenger and Windows Live Messenger. Converting a JPG image to a 19 by19 pixels resolution emoticon is impractical because all the details in a JPG image will not be visible in a small 19 by 19 pixels area.

Step 2

Upload the JPG image for conversion. The homepage is split into two panels. The left side of the screen displays most recently created emoticons by the site's visitors, and the right side contains the converter utility. Click the browse button under the text "Choose a picture" and locate the JPG image in your disk, using the subsequent dialog box. Navigate to the image location on disk, highlight the image and click "Open" on the bottom right of the box.

Step 3

Label the image. After specifying the JPG image to be converted, type in what you want to name the output emoticon in the space provided, under the text "Give it a name..."

Step 4

Convert the JPG image. Click the "Create" button under the converter. The utility will create an IM compatible GIFF file from your JPG image.

Step 5

Save the new emoticon to disk. Wait for the converter utility to process the image. After the file is created, the page will refresh and display the emoticon on the left side of the screen, usually the first emoticon among many others that the site created. Locate the file, and save by right-clicking and selecting "Save Image As..." Save the file on desktop.

Step 6

Add the emoticon to chat software. Open MSN Messenger and click on the menu icon, on the top right of the IM interface. Click on "Tools," select "Emoticons" and then "Create."

Tips & Warnings

  • The site displays all files created by its users, by default. If you are using a personal image, block the site from showing it, by checking the box next to the text, "It's a private picture, don't show it on the page."