How to Convert Mac Mail to PDF

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You can save an email message as a PDF with Mac Mail.

When you receive an email message from someone with Mac Mail, the free email application that Apple installs on every Mac, you might want to save a copy of the letter as a PDF file, so you can use it on a different computer. A PDF document looks the same no matter what computer it's opened on, using an application such as Adobe's free Adobe Reader or Apple's Preview.


Step 1

Click "Mail" from the Dock on your Mac to launch the application.

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Step 2

Double-click an email message from the Mail application window to open it.

Step 3

Click "Print" from the Mail menu. A box opens.


Step 4

Click the "PDF" drop-down menu, then click the "Save as PDF" option.


Step 5

Click a folder on your Mac where you want to save the email message to a PDF file. Type a name for the PDF in the "Save As" text box, then click "Save." The email message is converted to a PDF file in the folder you designated.



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