How to Convert PDF to MP3

By Carl Hose

PDF (portable document format) is a file format created by Adobe Systems. A PDF file is a file format that can be viewed by anyone on any computer system the same way. This is because PDF files maintain their formatting cross platform. An MP3 file is an audio file. Converting a PDF to an MP3 might be desirable to create an audio version of a PDF file, such as an ebook into an audio book. Converting a PDF to MP3 is entirely possible and not difficult to do with the right tools.

Things You'll Need

  • Adobe Reader
  • MP3 My MP3
  • PDF file

Step 1

Open the PDF file you want to convert to MP3 in Adobe Reader. Go to the "View" menu and select the "Read Out" option, then check "Activate Read Out Loud." Select the text in your document you want to convert. If you want to convert the entire file, simply choose "Select All" from the "Edit" menu. This is the text you will be recording for conversion. You can also select all of the text by left clicking your mouse at the start of the text you want to select and dragging to the end your text selection.

Step 2

Open your MP3 recording software, MP3 My MP3. This software will record directly from your sound card, so ensure there are no other sounds coming from your computer when you begin the recording process. You may want to double click the volume control in your taskbar, open your mixer and mute your speakers. The software will most likely default on your sound card. If not, select your sound card type from the available list. Click on the "record" button to begin recording.

Step 3

Switch to the Adobe Reader, go to the "Read Out Loud" option and click to begin reading. Adobe Reader will begin reading your selected text, which will be recorded by MP3 My MP3. When the recording is finished, close Adobe Reader and in MP3 My MP3 save your finished file as MP3. You now have an MP3 version of your selected PDF file.