How to Convert Scanned JPEG to PDF

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Scanning allows you to convert a photo collection or other printed material into a digital format, typically compact JPEG (JPG) files. Portable Document Format (PDF), meanwhile, has become a de facto global standard for secure information exchange that is compatible across multiple systems. The popular Adobe Acrobat software provides an option to convert a JPEG file into a PDF.


Step 1

Click on the "Adobe Acrobat" icon or use the Windows "Start" and "All Programs" menu to launch the program.

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Step 2

Select the "File" menu in Adobe Acrobat and select "Create PDF."


Step 3

Click the "From File" menu.

Step 4

Browse your computer to the folder with your scanned, JPEG file.

Step 5

Double-click on the JPEG file to open it in Adobe Acrobat.

Step 6

Press "Ctrl" + "S" then click "Save" to save the JPEG image as a PDF file.