How to Convert SWF to AVI in Ubuntu

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The SWF (Shockwave Flash) format is the format used to display animated graphics and games on a website. The format is owned by Adobe. The AVI format was created by Microsoft to contain video designed to be viewed on a computer screen. If using the Ubuntu Linux operating system, users can convert SWF files to the AVI format using the FFmeg command line video and audio converter. The software can be downloaded and installed using the Ubuntu software repository.


Step 1

Click on the "Applications" menu at the top of the screen.

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Step 2

Scroll over the "Accessories" option.

Step 3

Click on the "Terminal" option to open a terminal window.


Step 4

Type the command "sudo apt-get install ffmpeg" to install the FFmpeg software.


Step 5

Type the command "ffmpeg -i filename.swf out_file.avi" to convert the SWF file to the AVI format. Replace "filename.swf" with the name of the SWF file. Replace "out_file.avi" with the name you want to give the AVI file. The conversion is finished when you see the command prompt again.



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