How to Convert WAV Files Into Sheet Music

There are many music file formats available, one of the most popular of which is WAV. WAV files are playable in most computers and stereos. Although most people only use these files for listening to music, the files also can be converted into sheet music. You do not need to know too much about music in order to convert the files, and when you are done you'll have sheet music for any vocal range or instrument.

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Converting the File

Step 1

Open AmazingMidi (see resources).

Step 2

Click on the folder icon next to "Input File."

Step 3

Use the window that pops up to browse through your computer and find the WAV file you want to convert.

Step 4

Select the file you want to convert and click "Open" to select the file.

Step 5

Click on the icon next to "Tone file." Select any of the available files (piano usually is most accurate).

Step 6

AmazingMidi will create your midi copy of your WAV file in the AmazingMidi folder by default. If you want to create the file in a different location, click on the folder next to "Output file" and choose where to put the midi file.

Step 7

Set the midi settings by selecting "Transcribe" under the "Transcribe" menu. This is where you can tell the program what midi sound to use and the values of the notes you want to capture (it can ignore values smaller than what you tell it to capture, so the smaller value you tell it to use, the more precise your midi translation will be).

Converting to Sheet Music

Step 1

Open Finale.

Step 2

Under the file menu, select "Open."

Step 3

Find the midi file you made with AmazingMidi. You will need to have midi selected as the file type in order to see your file as you browse through your computer.

Step 4

Select your midi file and click on "Open." Finale will import the midi file and convert it into music notation.

Step 5

The file conversion process does not always result in a precise representation of the piece, so use the editing and notation features of Finale to change any errors in the music notation. Then save your work.

Things You'll Need

  • Finale software

  • Computer

  • AmazingMidi conversion software


Finale has the ability to convert any notated music for any instrument in any key. All you have to do is select your music and use the key signature, mass edit, and staff tools to transpose the music.


Never redistribute any copyrighted music. Even if you put it into Finale yourself from the original WAV file, you can infringe copyright if you sell a copy of your new sheet music because the music is protected under copyright law. This technique is lawful for personal use only and cannot be used for profit.