How to Convert Xps to Text

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To convert XPS (XML Paper Specification) to text, you need to open the XPS file, select the contents and paste them into your text editor. The XPS file format is difficult to work with because word processors that can create the format may not be able to read the format. Because most computers have text editors, like Notepad, copying and pasting is easier than downloading an XPS converter. Most XPS files contain text data that is readily available for copying.


Step 1

Right-click the XPS document, select "Open With," and then select "XPSviewer.exe" to open and view your document. XPSviewer.exe is included in Windows.

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Step 2

Hold down the "Ctrl" key and type the letter "A".


Step 3

Hold down the "Ctrl" key and type the letter "C".

Step 4

Click "Start," "All Programs," "Accessories" and then select "Notepad" to display a blank window.


Step 5

Click in the "Untitled - Notepad" window, then hold down the "Ctrl" key and press "V."


Step 6

Click "File" and then "Save" and the "Save As" dialog box is displayed.


Step 7

Type a "File name" for the XPS file converted to text and then click the "Save" button. You now have the XPS data in a text file.