How To Copy CDA Files

One major advantage of copying .cda (CD Audio) files to your computer is that you will have the ability to play music tracks without the use of the CD-ROM drive. If you begin to experience CD-ROM drive-specific problems, you will still be able to play your music. All sounds tunefully good, but easy playback is sometimes tricky. To overcome this challenge, use this method to rip your .cda files as MP3s. When you do, not only will you get the ultimate flexibility of mixing and matching tracks, but your custom playlists will make your ears perk up and smile.

Step 1

Open Windows Media Player and then connect to the Internet. You will be set to receive updated news regarding your CD if it is available during the ripping process. This data will include artist, title, producer and other media information.

Step 2

Click "Rip," point to "Format" and click "mp3."

Step 3

Click "Rip" and point to "Bit Rate." Select a bit rate from 128 kbps (lowest quality) to 320 kbps (highest quality).

Step 4

Insert the audio CD to be copied and the ripping should begin. If it does not, click "Rip" and select "Rip CD automatically when inserted" and choose "Only when in the Rip tab."

Step 5

Click "Library" and locate the newly ripped file there and play it.

Things You'll Need

  • Windows Media Player, version 10 or later

  • CD-ROM drive

  • Music CD


Test your settings by ripping a short .cda file first. Adjust the format and bit rate, and re-rip if needed.

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