How to Copy the Screen on a Laptop

If you want to make a copy of something you see on your laptop computer screen, such as an image or a particular error message, you can use native controls in Windows to make this happen. After you get a copy of what your screen looks like, you can save it in something like Microsoft Word so you can send the image to whomever you want to see it.

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The "Print Screen" key can have abbreviations like "Print Scr."


Press the "Print Screen" key next to the "F12" button on your keyboard. This makes a copy of everything currently shown on your monitor.


Click "Start" and select a document or image program, such as Microsoft Word. Create a new file.


Right-click anywhere in the program and select "Paste" from the drop-down menu that appears. The image of your screen appears in the file. Click "File" and select "Save" in Microsoft Word to save a copy of it.

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